Monday, October 11, 2004

"Mousekeeping" Envelopes

Yesterday, I created custom envelopes for us to put the housekeeping tips in when were staying at the hotel. I got this idea from the MousePlanet Discussion Board. Someone provided a link to a woman's website where she has quite a few sample envelopes to print out. I printed out one of them, but the font size and graphic seemed a little small, so I designed my own in PowerPoint. They have a picture of Mickey Mouse on them and the words, "Thank You Mousekeeping." My son thinks I should say "Housekeeping" instead of "Mousekeeping" because we aren't staying at the Disneyland Resort. I'll change his to say "Housekeeping" but mine will remain "Mousekeeping." I think it will be okay, since we are staying right across the street and I'm sure the majority of the hotel guests are visiting the resort. If I was using these at a hotel in Sacramento, it would be different. So, "Mousekeeping" it is!


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