Thursday, March 03, 2005

Just Can't Stay Away

Instead of the usual letdown that occurs after a very fun and exciting vacation, we were eagerly planning our next adventure to the Magic Kingdom scheduled for December. Approximately two weeks after returning from our trip and after making sure we could each get the time off work, I booked hotel, air and car rental reservations for December 14-18. We would fly down mid morning on Tuesday and return in the evening on the following Saturday. For this trip, we decided to stay at the Anaheim Plaza. As much as we loved staying at Hojo’s, the room rates were a little higher than we wanted to pay. We were able to get a family suite at the Anaheim Plaza for $89 per night compared to $69 per night per room at Hojo’s.

The day after making all our arrangements, my parents hosted a little family get-together for us. My mom made a Mickey Mouse cake and we had a great time telling about our trip. Jason had created a slide show of our trip pictures on his laptop accompanied by the soundtrack to Splash Mountain and he shared that with the family. Family members were surprised to learn that we were heading back to the Park so soon. I guess they underestimated the seriousness of our Disney addiction.


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