Tuesday, September 06, 2005

That's the Plan, Stan

Since there is so much to see and do at WDW, it seemed like a good idea to come up with a general outline of which park to visit on each day.

I created a spreadsheet in Excel in which I entered in the park hours, the morning and evening magic hours, and the parade and fireworks schedules using a combination of last year’s schedule and September 2005 park information as a guide. Next, I scheduled in the parks that we wanted to visit on each day. Our basic plan is to visit one park in the morning, go back to the resort for a rest in the afternoon, and return to another park in the evening. Since we both think that the Magic Kingdom will be our favorite park and since we think there is more to do there than any other park, we plan to spend the majority of our time there.

After many hours of research and debate and after undergoing numerous revisions, we finally came up with a general outline of which park we want to visit each day. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

Saturday, Day1
Travel Day

Sunday, Day 2
AM – Magic Kingdom
PM – Disney-MGM Studios

Monday, Day 3
AM – Epcot
PM – Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, Day 4
AM – Disney-MGM Studios
PM – Epcot

Wednesday, Day 5
AM – Magic Kingdom
PM – Magic Kingdom

Thursday, Day 6
AM – Animal Kingdom
PM – Magic Kingdom

Friday, Day 7
AM – Magic Kingdom
PM – Disney-MGM Studios

Saturday, Day 8
AM – Magic Kingdom
PM – Fly Home

We had already planned to spend the most time at the Magic Kingdom Park and as we filled our scheduled with the activities we were most interested in, our time in the MK seemed to grow. Once we decided on the general outline, we plugged in our choices for table service meals for each day, based on the park we were planning to visit at the time.


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