Friday, June 24, 2005

Seat Assignments

Once we booked our trips and printed out our vouchers, we took a look at our itinerary. That’s when we realized that our seat assignments for each our flights were in different parts of the plane. We went to the airlines website and were able to change our sets for three of our four flights so that we were seated next to each other. On the fourth flight, the one from Orlando to Dallas, the only seats together were in the very back of the plane in the middle and window positions. We selected those seats, but after much debate decided that we would rather be seated separately and move up closer to the front of the plane. There still weren’t any aisle seats available, but we are both in window seats on the side of the plane with only two seats in the row. It’s sad that we can’t sit together, but it’s on the shortest leg of our return trip and we definitely don’t want to sit in the back of the plane. It’s much too noisy and wiggly.

Jason knew of a website will tell you which seats are the best in each model of plane. We printed out the diagrams and referred to it extensively when choosing our seats. It was extremely helpful as it told us the pros and cons of each seat location, which had power ports, which had more/less leg room. We ended up being very pleased with most of our seats. We’ll continue to check the website in case seats open up together on the one flight.


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