Friday, June 24, 2005

We now have a permanent place in Disney history!

After much debate, we went ahead and purchase a special 50th Anniversary brick that will be placed a special area located in the esplanade area between Disneyland and DCA. Neither one of us wanted for fork out the funds for two bricks, but we couldn’t figure out a way to word one brick so that it didn’t sound like we were a couple. As usual, my question was answered on Mouseplanet, where someone else posted that exact same situation. Taking their advice, we decided on “Patty & Jason”, “Mother and Son”, “October 2004”. We decided to include October 2004, as it is the date that we purchased our first annual passes and is the start of hopefully many years of wonderful trips to Disneyland. In addition, it also includes the 50th Anniversary medallion.

We made the decision to purchase the brick on the day before New Year’s Eve. December 31 was the expiration date of a special offer for annual passholders to get a brick for $50 off the regular price. Since I worked ½ day on New Year’s Eve, I planned to call and order the brick when I arrived home at noon. Unfortunately, the Disney office also closed at noon so we were unable to make the purchase. Unwilling at that point to pay regular price, we put the idea on hold indefinitely. A couple of months later, we decided to go ahead with it anyway and I called in the order. Because Jason has a premium annual pass, we were able to get 10% off the price which helped a little. In addition, we ordered the clear Lucite replica of the brick so that we would be able to enjoy it when we’re not at Disneyland.

Shortly after placing the order, we received a confirmation in the mail along with a legal agreement that we had to sign and return. Our brick is guaranteed to remain in place for at least 10 years unless it gets cracked or damaged. In that case, I believe they refund a portion of our money. They won’t repair or replace the brick.

A month or so later we received a packet in the mail containing a certificate “signed” by Roy Disney, along with a map showing the location of our brick. The projected placement date is scheduled for early June, in plenty of time for our next visit.

Recently, our brick replica arrived in the mail and it stands proudly in the living room. It’s nice to have something tangible to look at until we get to the Park.


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