Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The New Look

My original DisneyAdventures website was created in FrontPage using tables nested within tables nested within tables. As a result, it didn’t lend itself very well to modifications. As the number of blog entries grew, the need for archiving became very apparent. So, one weekend I decided to use one of the templates that Blogspot provides. Because green is my current favorite color, I chose a template with different shades of that color. At first I was very happy with the new look, especially the Previous Posts and Archives sections in the sidebar. But, as time wore on, I really missed my DisneyAdventures header that I had on my old site. The background of the header included at picture I had taken of “it’s a small world” during our Spring Break trip in 2003 with my parents, son, my niece and two of my nephews. My son helped me crop the picture, and add the special effects. It really made me happy to see it and brought back many wonderful memories of that trip and the trips afterwards. I also missed the vacation countdown clock.

It was easy enough to add my header to the template; however it really looked awful with the green color scheme. So, following my son’s suggestion, I switched to a new template that had minimal colors and graphics. After that it was fairly easy to make modifications to the existing template. I added back in my header and countdown clock, and changed some of the fonts and colors. It’s still not completely done, but I want to concentrate more on adding blog entries at this point.


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