Friday, October 15, 2004

Less Than One Day To Go!

As you can see, the official vacation countdown clock now shows less than one day before we leave for vacation. My son took today off from work get ready for the trip and I wish I had done the same thing. There is still a lot to do even though I have been working hard each evening this week trying to get as much done in advance as possible.

This morning I put a load of laundry in the washer and was able to get it in the dryer before leaving for work. I also cleaned the windows on the inside of the car. This was something I neglected to do two weeks ago when we drove to Chico and it was really bothersome. Then, on the way to work I stopped by Kaady car wash and had the car washed.

Tonight, I'll finish do a second load of laundry and then start packing. I also need to make sandwiches for our lunch tomorrow and get all the food packed up and ready to go. We decided to bring a VCR with us and some of our tapes from last season, so I need to select and pack those tapes up. We are also bringing a microwave. Unfortunately, the standard rooms at HoJo's do not have microwaves and it was $20 per night extra to upgrade to a room with a microwave. Last August, we purchased a small microwave at Target for $27 during one of their back to school sales to bring along with us. It's small enough to fit on the floor in the backseat of the car and will be very handy to have in the room. We plan to pack the videotapes inside the microwave.

Hopefully, we can get everything done and the most of the car packed without staying up too late as we want to get an early start in the morning. We still need to watch The Apprentice which we taped last night and didn't watch.


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