Thursday, October 28, 2004

We did it!

Well, it's hard to believe but our vacation has come and gone. It seemed like it was so far in the future and now it's over. It was the best vacation we ever had and I'm going to try to recap it over the next couple of weeks.

I took a lot of pictures each day and every evening my son would download them off the camera onto his laptop so we could start each day with an empty memory disk. I'll try to post some of them when I get a chance.

We barely got out of Anaheim on our way back before we began to plan our next trip, most likely in December. We really want to take the Holiday Tour and see the resort all decorated for Christmas. It's A Small World will have it's holiday overlay and the Fantasmic show will be up and running again. Most of the rides that were closed during our visit should be open again, with the exception of Space Mountain and the Enchanted Tiki Room.


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