Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hooked on Podcasts

Sometime in mid 2005, I discovered Podcasts and I've been hooked ever since. For the first few months I was satisfied with the Disney Insider, an official Disney podcast that provided the lastest exciting news, interviews and events from the Walt Disney Company. Some that wasn't enough and I began to crave regularly fixes not provided by the bi-weekly Disney podcast. A search on iTunes provided me with a stash of official and not so official Disney-related podcasts on which to satisfy my cravings.

As a result, I now subscribe to six different podcasts. I would probably subscribe to more, but I've downloaded all previous episodes of these podcasts and am gradually making my way through them. Three of them are official Walt Disney podcasts and are all much better than you might expect from this behemouth of an organization. The other three are fan-based podcasts, where you get nitty-gritty detailed information, mostly about Walt Disney World.

My absolute favorite is WDW Today, hosted by Matt Hotchberg of He is regularly joined by Len Testa of the Unofficial Guide and, Mike Scopa of, and Mike Newell from These guys are the ultimate Disney geeks and very knowledgable about Walt Disney World. They are also very funny in a way that not everyone will get or appreciate, but I love it. On a couple of occasions, Mary Waring of has made a guest appearance. It was because of information on Mary's website that we learned about the free Dining Plan offer that prompted our decision to make the trip.

When we decided to make the almost spur of the moment decision to go to Walt Disney World in October instead of our planned trip to Disneyland, the first thing I did was order a copy of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World of which Len Testa is co-author along with Bob Sehlinger. This book should be required reading for anyone contemplating a visit to WDW. The information was invaluable. I also visted and re-read all of Mike Scopa's past articles which provided first hand insight of the parks and resorts. With the knowledge and expertise of these guys, our trip was infinitely better than any first time visitor could reasonably expect. Now this knowledge is available via podcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

All I can say is... outstanding!


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